Multi-dimensional Teaching Mode Built Up by the Network Connection of the Whole Hybrid Vehicle Model

Hybrid vehicle teaching equipment whole vehicle network connection to achieve multi-dimensional education

Hybrid electric vehicle teaching equipment, a new type of automotive teaching equipment, is featured as intuitive operation, being able to visually show the complex internal components of dissected car to students, perfectly building up multi-dimensional teaching mode. Such as: BYD Qin hybrid vehicle teaching aids.


BYD Hybrid Vehicle Car Model

The equipment is adopted from original BYD hybrid vehicle. It keeps the sheet metal, mechanical, electrical and battery systems of the original vehicle relatively complete, and make reasonable dissection to the key parts of the body panel and frame to show the internal structure of the system. Generally, the whole vehicle is half-dissected in the longitudinal direction (the middle part from the front to the rear), and the cabin cover, front glass, top, bottom plate and rear glass instrument panel are dissected to show the installation position of each assembly of the vehicle. The sheet metal parts and glass openings of the equipment are cut neatly, painted firmly, marked with different structures in different colors, reliable in performance and safe in use; the covering parts, interior decoration and paint color are kept without obvious damage, parts cut neatly, and the edge is protected by adhesive tape; Maintain the function of key supporting parts of the whole vehicle; After dissection , the body harness, suspension and electrical equipment can be clearly displayed.


Hybrid Power Automotive Training Hall

It also reformed the electrical control system, circuit system and battery packs. On the premise that the bench power system, transmission system, air conditioning system, ABS anti-lock braking system and BMS battery management system are normally started, they also have practical training functions such as fault setting, detection and analysis of electrical control system. It clearly shows the car frame sheet metal structure; truly displays the layout of the power, transmission, suspension, running, braking, steering and other systems. It vividly expresses the structure, composition and working principle of engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning system, ABS system and battery management system, suitable for the request of automotive teaching for students in middle and higher automotive colleges and training institutions. The additional system mainly includes: detection terminal, fault setting system, fault display device, etc.


Assembly and Production Line 


Beifang Teaching Aids R&D and Production Base 

Beifang Teaching Aids R&D Center has devoted itself to automotive education equipment for nearly 30 years, has become a supplier of overall solutions for automotive education with large production scale and abundant R&D strength in China. It mainly provides the overall design of the training room, teaching aids manufacturing, curriculum system, teacher training, textbook compilation, and the overall automotive education program! Therefore, it enjoys a high reputation in the automotive teaching aids and equipment industry.

Post time: May-31-2022