Beifang – The Only Brand In Automotive Teaching Aids that Combines R&D And Manufacturing

There are numerous automobile teaching aids producers on the market, but Beifang Automotive Teaching Aids R&D Institute (Beifang) is the only one that insists on both independent research and development and software. Beifang is dedicated to independent research and development, as well as providing automobile educational solutions and equipment to suit the demands of social development and education. Beifang has risen to the top of the industry in terms of soft and hard integration, as well as unmanned equipment.



Beifang Exhibition Center

According to previous data, the number of domestic automotive teaching equipment businesses has risen to about 50,000, up nearly 1,000 from the previous year. It demonstrates that, as the need for automotive education grows, more colleges are launching automotive-related majors. Furthermore, it demonstrates that education is gradually evolving away from traditional instruction and toward theory, practice, and intelligence to increase students’ interest in learning. 

Introduction of Automotive Teaching Aids

Automotive teaching aids, which are built of authentic physical automobile parts and show a real automotive body for students to learn and witness, are commonly used in automotive training at various colleges. All of the automotive teaching aids and equipment come with accompanying software and curriculums, allowing students to study in a more structured manner. The products of teaching equipment are including Instrument Training Equipment, Can, Can-Bus Training Equipment, Transmission Training Equipment, Engine Electronic Control System Test Bench, Brake System Test Bench, Engine Training Equipment, Automotive Air Conditioning Test Bench, Power Steering Test Bench, Automotive Controller Test Bench, Automotive Electrical Circuit Test Bench, Automotive Sensor Test Bench, Automotive Power Test Bench, Electric Automotive Compressor Test Bench, Hybrid Power Test Bench, Central Control Anti-Theft Window Teaching Board, Fault Simulation System, Lithium Battery Anatomical Model, Automotive System Teaching Board, Airbag System Test Bench, Electric Vehicle Training System, Electrical And Electronic Test Bench, Electric Vehicle Vacuum Power-Assisted Training Bench, Exhaust Gas/Waste Gas Teaching Board, Base, Bracket, Booth and Led Distribution Box, etc. The outer structure of the car can be identified by LED bulbs of various colors, allowing students to see the external structure at a glance for a better comprehension while also stimulating their passion for studying.


Production Line

Beifang aspires to provide quality automotive education consulting services and solutions to customers. Please feel free to contact and make inquiries for further consultation and factory tours, both online and offline.

Post time: May-31-2022