Beifang Shows the Economic Aggregation Effect

The 13,000-square-meter auto practice center at Beifang Auto Teaching Aids Smart Factory (Beifang) is an auto education overall solution provider with larger production scale and stronger R&D strength. Beifang has a national intelligent assembly line production workshop with an annual output of 15,000 sets of high-end automotive teaching aids and an annual sales revenue of 600 million yuan. This creates a local industrial matrix and shows the economic gathering effect.


Intellect Assembly Lines

Beifang’s automotive teaching aids and practical training equipment have absorbed advanced experience from home and abroad and have been developed by senior master teachers. The training aids are all taken from the original car, combined with the relevant principles of professional design, dynamic and intuitive display of the structure and working principles of each system of the car, forming both to meet the structure of the car, the working principles of modern electronic control technology, testing and diagnosis training, and fault simulation training, but also to meet the vocational colleges and university teachers and students to carry out research on related topics. Beifang’s products are must-haves for universities, vocational training centers, and automotive engineering majors.


Beifang Auto Museum

Beifang has opened nearly 100 directly operated colleges and cooperative colleges covering more than 20 automotive practical professions.Dozens of universities, including 985 Jilin University, 211 Nanchang University, Inner Mongolia University, Zhengzhou Institute of Technology, Liaocheng Institute of Technology, and Shaanxi Broadcasting University, have praised Beifang’s professional equipment and high-quality services.


EV Transparent Battery Pack

Beifang is a professional manufacturer of automotive teaching aid equipment, integrating the production and sale of equipment with the design and construction of automotive training rooms. Beifang is committed to the principle of market, employment, industry, and student proximity in order to establish a global industry-education integrated wisdom education ecological platform.

Post time: Aug-16-2022