Beifang Powers the Automotive Education Industry


Visitors from Leading Auto Brands

Beifang Automotive Teaching Aids R&D Center (Beifang) has invested millions of dollars in research and development, systematic planning, and specialized research and development based on the philosophy “Beifang handles everything while you see a professional.” Beifang integrates automotive teaching aids R&D, curriculum design, complete teaching materials, online courses, free teacher training, production, and sales to provide schools with comprehensive extended services.

Auto Consultation Hub

Faculty Training
Beifang has a strong faculty and more than three hundred elite employees, including domestic and foreign auto repair specialists, senior technical directors, senior automotive engineers, renowned designers, and first-line engineers, have maintained the company on the cutting-edge of its industry.

Admissions Team

Beifang Auto Repair School, a brand of Beifang-affiliated schools, has been at the forefront of vocational education for thirty years. With an average enrollment of 30,000 students per year, Beifang’s schools have educated more than 400,000 elite auto mechanics for the country.

Beifang Auto Library

Teaching Materials
Beifang has a professional textbook editing department, which has translated and written the largest number of textbooks in China.
The series of self-developed auto repair textbooks has been designated by the Ministry of Transportation as training materials for Chinese auto repair vocational schools.

Over 8,000 Online Courses

Training Equipment
For dozens of years, Beifang has been focused on automotive education, not only creating professional automotive training rooms but also providing you with a complete set of professional teaching equipment ranging from practical training equipment to professional courses to teaching systems.

Student Job Placement
Beifang Teaching Aids Institute and the Beifang Auto Repair Schools have created a network of exclusive auto repair talents with 36 large and medium-sized practice bases and more than 60,000 contracted employers nationwide.

Beifang has a professional website construction and promotion team. Leveraging its extensive expertise in online marketing, Beifang promotes the products through multiple channels and effectively pushes our customers’ products into the target market.

Over 1,000 Patents

Beifang’s advanced automotive teaching equipment coupled with the mature science and practical integration education model helps you to achieve leapfrog development in the training of technical personnel in auto repair.

Post time: Aug-04-2022